Friday, November 16, 2012

Designing Crochet Patterns

Designing crochet patterns can be a very time consuming job.  It certainly is rewarding once you've completed that design with 100% satisfaction.  As well it can be tiresome, frustrating and flat out maddening when you just can't make the yarn do what your mind is wanting.  That was the case with these Christmas Angels from the below post.  I saw a similar angel at a craft show last November.  It caught my attention and I immediately wanted to crochet something similar, adding my own twist of ideas.  Of course, it took a year to actually begin the project as I had so many other ideas I just had to crochet.  It took three angels in order to get the angel in the middle that you see in the picture.  I'm still not completely satisfied as I was mentally picturing something slightly different.  Regardless, it is quite the cute, colorful angel that works great for the holidays.  You can change up the colors for different seasons, pinks and blues for a newborn baby or just your favorite colors! Play around with it! I'd love to hear what you come up with.  Please share! The pattern will be posted soon.  I just have to type the pattern from what I have on paper...

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